End daylight savings time 

Here’s one I know I’m not alone on. These last few days that we’ve turned the clocks back I’ve been so much more well-rested. Daylight savings is an unnecessary anachronism that only forces people to get up earlier than they normally would or want to. With society already organized around larks’ schedules, there’s no need to further tilt the scales in their favor. Ending daylight savings is another step in a more sleep-just society.

This really does matter

Every day around my office, there are people yawning, falling asleep, and guzzling coffee, but somehow talking about more flexible schedules that allow you to come in later is “looking for an excuse to be lazy.” Experts already know about the dangers of sleep deprivation , and everyone knows how horrible it is to be sleep-deprived , but they still cling to this ridiculous idea that having a different circadian rhythm is a moral failing. They’re so indoctrinated into the current system that they’re completely unwilling to consider alternatives or attempt any change. And for what? What do they gain?

That’s why this matters. Because we’ve already proven that the current system is broken, but no one is willing to admit it. We need to open people’s minds to alternatives. Who knows, they just might like it.

Another benefit of flexible sleep schedules: less traffic!

I was reading this fascinating article about trying to reduce traffic congestion, and it talks about encouraging drivers to drive at off-peak times. While I think there will always be times when more people are on the road, allowing people to function around their natural sleep schedules (#killyouralarmclock) will spread out the distribution of traffic, since not everyone will be getting up at the same time, then commuting, etc. Less traffic congestion should lead to fewer auto-accidents (and the resulting deaths), and what drivers are on the road will be more alert. It’s a no-brainer, folks. A well-rested society is a safer, happier, better functioning society.

First mobile post!

Hey yall,

First post from the smartphone. Part of the initiative to learn more of the tricks of WordPress. At some point I’d like to redo the layout of this place to have it a little more readable, and have some kind of custom theme.

Rest well,


Back from the dead!

At long last, I have returned to my people. Which is only me, at this point. Nonetheless, lately I’ve been thinking about sleep justice more and more, which led me back here. I’m adding a few articles I found to the sleep news section, and hell, while I’m here, I may as well announce it: I want to become a professional sleep advocate/agitator/polemicist/whatever. Because, really, think about how often you don’t have enough sleep in your daily life. And how that’s true for everyone. We all have our stories of sleep deprivation, but how many of these were unavoidable? Was it really due to being so busy you couldn’t find the time, or was it that the time you were provided was the wrong time? That you were expected to be up at the ass-crack of dawn for no reason besides society thinking that’s what’s required to be a functioning human being? Fuck that. I don’t have much up here yet, but if you stumble upon this and think to yourself “just another abandoned blog,” before you go, please leave a comment of support. I don’t expect people to start rioting in the streets (although on some mornings, it wouldn’t be hard to convince me), but us owls (people with later sleep cycles) need to start becoming more vocal, not only about our needs, but about how valid they are. You’re not just some lazy bum; your sleep cycle is a part of you, and it deserves just as much respect as any lark’s (insane morning people).

Of course, we all have limits on how much protesting we can really do. If I had demanded to not get any morning shifts at the shift-work jobs I had, I would have basically been told “If you don’t like it, quit.” When I started at a new university and mentioned to my academic advisor that I wanted to avoid morning classes due to not being a morning person, he said “Get over it. Life starts early.” What could I have done? Demanded that the department ban all classes before 11? I don’t want anyone to get in any trouble over this, e.g., lose a job. Well, maybe I should qualify that. I don’t anyone to get in any trouble over this when they have no power. Yes, power. Right now us owls don’t have any. That’s what I want to change. But if we’re going to change, we to get together, and we need to get loud. We need to change the conception of us being some minority to be helplessly pushed around, that we’re a joke who just needs to get a cup of coffee and stop whining. So get loud. Tell your friends, your parents, your fellow students, your coworkers (if you can do so without repercussions) that society’s current schedule is unfair, cruel, and dangerous, and, most importantly, there’s no reason for it. Does everything you do require daylight? Does your job? Your studies? Your recreational activities? Your own enjoyment? If you want to be in the sun, more power to you, but don’t try to tell the rest of us we have to be like you. We don’t. We really don’t. And now, we’re gonna tell ya.

Rest well,


Hello and welcome to endsleepdiscrimination.org!

Hello all,

The purpose of this blog is to fight discrimination against people who have later sleep schedules than the traditional 8-5 world demands. If you find having to be up before 11 horrifying, this is the place for you.

A quick note. This is my first blog, so I’ll probably be a little bumpy getting into the swing of updates, content, etc. I do have a full time job, which leaves me tired all the time because it starts too early (why I’m here!). Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to keep this from being a 1-post wonder. I’ll be experimenting with how to deliver content, too. What I’m thinking now is having an aggregation section/posts of general news regarding the fight for sleep equality. I’ll alternate that with more in-depth articles about the real damage this unnatural farmer’s schedule is inflicting on our minds, bodies, and societies. I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around a bit until I find a good system. That’s the intro. Hopefully I’ll have some meatier stuff up soon. Stay tuned!