End daylight savings time 

Here’s one I know I’m not alone on. These last few days that we’ve turned the clocks back I’ve been so much more well-rested. Daylight savings is an unnecessary anachronism that only forces people to get up earlier than they normally would or want to. With society already organized around larks’ schedules, there’s no need to further tilt the scales in their favor. Ending daylight savings is another step in a more sleep-just society.

This really does matter

Every day around my office, there are people yawning, falling asleep, and guzzling coffee, but somehow talking about more flexible schedules that allow you to come in later is “looking for an excuse to be lazy.” Experts already know about the dangers of sleep deprivation , and everyone knows how horrible it is to be sleep-deprived , but they still cling to this ridiculous idea that having a different circadian rhythm is a moral failing. They’re so indoctrinated into the current system that they’re completely unwilling to consider alternatives or attempt any change. And for what? What do they gain?

That’s why this matters. Because we’ve already proven that the current system is broken, but no one is willing to admit it. We need to open people’s minds to alternatives. Who knows, they just might like it.