Hello and welcome to endsleepdiscrimination.org!

Hello all,

The purpose of this blog is to fight discrimination against people who have later sleep schedules than the traditional 8-5 world demands. If you find having to be up before 11 horrifying, this is the place for you.

A quick note. This is my first blog, so I’ll probably be a little bumpy getting into the swing of updates, content, etc. I do have a full time job, which leaves me tired all the time because it starts too early (why I’m here!). Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to keep this from being a 1-post wonder. I’ll be experimenting with how to deliver content, too. What I’m thinking now is having an aggregation section/posts of general news regarding the fight for sleep equality. I’ll alternate that with more in-depth articles about the real damage this unnatural farmer’s schedule is inflicting on our minds, bodies, and societies. I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around a bit until I find a good system. That’s the intro. Hopefully I’ll have some meatier stuff up soon. Stay tuned!


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